Vertical Drop Solar Screen

Enjoy the sun while indoors – but on your terms – with the San Diego Mobile Screen Service Solar Screen products.

The San Diego Mobile Screen Service Vertical Drop can be mounted on the outside of any structure, beautifully expanding your outdoor living space (giving you a “cool room with a cool view!”).

These exterior retractable solar screens stop up to 90 percent of the solar heat rays, and can even offer a 100 percent block out shade. You maintain almost total non-glare visibility, while enjoying your patio area during the summer.

Offered in a variety of fabric and hardware choices, you are sure to find what you need to decorate your “new room!”


Qualicoat Finishes Available

Widths from 28 inches to 20 feet.
Available with drops of 12 inches to 20 feet.
Available in 5 beautiful frame finishes
(white, sand, camel, tan, bronze)
A wide selection of standard fabrics are used,
and fabric seams are welded and horizontal.
Motorized or manual operation.
Available guides include tracks, cables
or a combination of the two.
10 year warranty

The "Greenhouse Effect"

The sun's energy is delivered in the form of three rays;
Visible rays, Ultra-Violet Rays and Infrared Rays. The adverse effect of these invisible rays is glare, fading and heat. These rays are damaging to carpets, draperies, furniture & paintings, are sometimes successfully controlled with the use of interior window treatments. However, these interior shading devices do not block the infrared rays, which enter through the rooms in the form of heat.

Infrared rays from the sun are transmitted into the house in the form of short-wave radiation which is capable of piercing through glass. After the rays touch any surface, such as interior floors, walls, ceiling or furniture, these rays are absorbed and converted into long-wave thermal radiation which is incapable of escaping back through the glass. The thermal radiation (heat) is thereby trapped in the room causing the indoor temperatures to rise.

The Greenhouse Effect.

The Solution and How it Works

When solar radiation reaches an unprotected clear window, a small part is absorbed by the glass, but the vast majority is transmitted directly to the interior. The solution is therefore the use of an exterior shading system which would prevent the sun's rays from touching the glass directly. In other words the object is to intercept the solar radiation by an exterior solar shade that is outside the glass.

The illustration shows that by the using San Diego Mobile Screen Service's Sun-Pro & Patio-Pro Solar Shade systems, heat and U.V. are intercepted and controlled, with the fabric blocking between 89% and 96% of the total radiation.


Windows and doors are one of the largest sources of heat gain in your house. Blocking the sun before it enters your home is the main advantage of any exterior shading system. San Diego Mobile Screen Service's line of vertical drop shade products, the Sun-Pro and the Patio-Pro, are a revolutionary means of reducing the effects of sun damage. The use of either thermal screen or the opaque acrylic awning fabric, provides a wide variety of benefits including the reduction of damage to carpets, furniture, drapes as well as increased privacy. Designed for exterior applications, whether installed over doors, windows or patio structures, the Sun-Pro and the Patio-Pro are a favorite of architects, designers and homeowners to maintain aesthetic beauty while retaining the integrity of the home's design.

Exterior sun shades are the most effective solution to excessive temperatures inside the home by stopping the heat and UV rays before they reach the glass. Drapes, interior blinds and window tinting do not accomplish this because the damaging rays have already entered the room and have been dissipated in the form of heat.

Shading the outside of your home with a Sun-Pro or Patio-Pro can reduce summer temperatures by as much as 20 degrees on a hot summer day and result in substantial energy cost savings.

Key Benefits

•Retain your view•
•Increased Privacy•
•Wide range of fabrics colors•
•Streamlined hardware and track system•
•Block up to 96% of solar radiation•
•Dramatically reduces glare•

The Screen Fabric used in the Sun-Pro & Patio-Pro Drop Shade Systems

From dense woven Textilene solar screen fabric, to fully opaque Sunbrella solution-dyed acrylic, the Sun-Pro & Patio-Pro Drop Shade fabrics have been selected for their dimensional stability, physical durability, heat resistance, color fast attributes, chemical resistance to most chemical agents, and its fire resistant characteristics.

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