Tips & Maintenance



  • Regularly clean the bottom screen door track of debris, small stones and pet hair.

  • Following the screen door cleaning, lubricate the tracks with a good quality silicone spray lubricant.

  • Introduce your pets to the screen door and train them to respect it, as you would any other household fixture.

  • Retract the screen door into its housing when not in use. This will keep the screen from being damaged by the elements and clean.

Retractable Solar Screens

Retractable Solar Screen

  • Retract your awnings when winds (above 18 miles per hour) are expected.

  • Maintain a safe distance for barbecue and shrubbery to prevent smoke or plant acid damage to the fabric and the hardware.

  • Never force your crank-operating awning to open if there’s resistance.

Retractable Window Screens

Retractable Screen

  • Annually clean tracks, housing and screen mesh with warm soapy water, and dry with a clean soft cloth.

  • In particularly high traffic or dusty areas, cleaning and lubrication will be needed more frequently.

  • Retract the screen when not in use. This will protect the screen and help keep it clean

Security Screen Door

Security Door

  • Every 3-4 months wash the screen mesh with warm soapy water, and dry with a clean soft cloth.

  • Avoid use of any detergents or abrasive cleaners such as Ajax®, Comet® or steel wool.