Retractable Window Screen Installation & Repair

Our community of San Diego includes some of nicest scenery in Southern California. It offers a perfect blend of natural landscapes and cityscapes. Whether your view is the famous Mt. Helix in La Mesa, breathtaking ocean vistas from Del Mar, or the charming urban areas of Hillcrest, Banker’s Hill and downtown San Diego, retractable window screens provide protection when you need it - and a clear view when you want it! Let’s make living in your home an experience!

Retractable Window Screens (Roll-Away™)


Retractable window screens are designed for both in-swing and out-swing casement windows, along with tilt-out windows and any other windows where you don’t want a fixed screen to block your stunning views.

Similar to retractable screen doors, retractable window screens are rolled and housed discreetly within the frame or in a stylish casing placed over the window frame (which protects the screen and reduces the need for repair). Screen systems typically come in different colors and finishes, which allows homeowners to better match them with their home decor. They also come in diverse styles and shapes to match the surrounding space.

Most retractable window screens are operated manually, but for larger windows and patio spaces there are motorized options where screens can be controlled with wall switches or remote control. Some retractable window screens can even be programmed to extend or retract automatically with sensors that detect the sun’s intensity.

We exclusively recommend Roll-Away retractable window screens as the industry leader in quality and warranty.

Already have a retractable window screen that simply needs to be fixed? We do that too! Check out our screen repair to discover the many types of screen options.


Compliment the elegance of retractable window screens with retractable screen doors.


Retractable Window Screen FEATURES & BENEFITS

  • Fray resistant screens maintain appearance and effectiveness

  • Corrosion-resistant, strong steel magnet latches are ideal for coastal areas.

  • Deep tracks hold the screen in place during windy conditions.

  • Hidden out of sight when not in use!

  • Let fresh air in while keeping pesky bugs out!

  • Help reduce energy costs with natural cross-ventilation cooling!