Retractable Solar Screen Installation & Repair

Offering you the best of both worlds, retractable solar screens allow you to enjoy indoor comfort… outside. Instantly transform a patio or balcony area into an extension of your interior home. With San Diego year-around weather characterized by warm, dry summers and mild winters, you can enjoy reading or resting with incredible vistas of the hillsides in Rancho San Diego or the shoreline stretch from Del Mar to Pacific Beach anytime. Day or night, you’re protected from the sun and insects.

Security Screen Door (Tru-View™ and ViewGuard™)


Retractable solar screens stop up to 90% of the solar heat rays, and can even offer a 100% block out shade. They maintain almost total non-glare visibility, while enjoying your patio or balcony area year-around.

Offered in a variety of fabric and hardware choices, you are sure to find what you need to decorate your “new room!”

Retractable Solar Screen

Retractable Solar Screen FEATURES & BENEFITS

  • Increased privacy while providing clear outward visibility.

  • Reduces air conditioning costs in hot weather by shading home.

  • Corrosion-resistant, strong steel magnet latches are ideal for coastal areas.

  • Instantly transform your exterior patio or balcony into an interior space.

  • Protects your furnishings and flooring (interior and exterior) from UV rays that may fade and damage.

  • Reduces dust and debris