Window Screen Installation & Repair

San Diego Mobile Screen Service will clear things up for you - literally! Our staff will help you choose the best window screen products for your home or business with expert advice about durability, visibility, security, and budget. Our work is built on-site to ensure higher quality and instant results, giving you the best fitting screens possible. Let’s make living in your home an experience!

Why Choose a Mobile Screen Service?

Most people don't realize how fast and economical it is to use a mobile window screen service when installing new window screens. You will be saving both time and money!  


  • It is cheaper than taking your window screens into your local hardware store.

  • You don't have to take multiple trips or try to fit all the screens in your car. 

  • No measuring the windows yourself and worrying about if you got the sizing right. 

  • Unlike retail store employees who do a few screens here and there, our experts have years and years of experience.

  • We remove all the old screens and install the new ones for you.

  • They are made the same day, no need to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Window Screen


It’s easy to overlook the window screen. It’s ubiquitous and subtle presence is something we often don’t realize until we miss it.

Whether you’re looking to repair, replace or remodel a window screen, our variety of options and materials will enhance your living space and lifestyle.

We offer a wide selection from standard fiberglass and solar screens (with 60%-90% UV reduction) to pet-resistant and clear window screens (that are nearly transparent allowing for unobstructed views).

San Diego Mobile Screen Service is the area’s industry leader in quality and service for over 10 years!. We bring everything required to install new or repair broken window screens, sliding screen doors and retractable screen doors on-site at your location.


Since you’re looking at window screens; have you considered the option of stylish and discreet of retractable window screens?



  • Corrosion-resistant, strong steel magnet latches are ideal for coastal areas.

  • To clean a window screen, fill a spray bottle with Coca-Cola and spray, allow to set for five-minutes and rinse.

  • Universal & Cost-Effective

  • Let fresh air in while keeping animals, bugs, leaves and debris out!

  • Help reduce energy costs with natural cross-ventilation cooling!

  • Fray resistant screens maintain appearance and effectiveness.