Security Door Installation & Repair

While San Diego is considered one-of-the safest major U.S. cities, there are many reasons to consider a security door. A blend of form and function, security doors can elevate the appearance and value of your home while simultaneously allowing airflow when the main front door is open - and prevent unwarranted entry.

Security Screen Door

SAFE & SECURE Security Doors

We often think of locks as the first line of defense when it comes to home security, but your doors play a significant role as well. If you have an older poorly constructed wooden or hollow door, for instance, no matter what lock you have on the door, an intruder may still be able to easily kick in the door to circumvent the lock and gain entry.

A high-quality exterior door can be instrumental in deterring unwanted visitors and is as equally important as the locking system itself. Security doors usually have a heavy-duty lock and recessed hinges or edges making the door more difficult to force open. Security doors typically feature a metal grille set in a metal frame, often backed by a light mesh to keep insects out.

Tru-Frame™ security screen doors are also available with a French Door model for double doors.

Available in multiple colors and styles, they’re an attractive addition that can increase the value of your home as it protects your family.

We exclusively recommend Tru-Frame™ and ViewGuard™ security doors as the industry leader in quality and warranty.


Now that your home is more secure, learn how you can protect your furnishings and keep your home cool with our solar screens.


Security Screen Door


  • Allows for natural light and airflow while maintaining privacy.

  • Reduces air conditioning costs in hot weather during the evening.

  • Security doors are usually fire-resistant.

  • Security door mesh cannot be cut or pried open.

  • Non-removable hinges keep your home protected always.

  • Prevents toddlers from accidentally leaving while airing the house!

  • Provide additional support and protection during inclement weather
    and storms.