Retractable Screen Doors

If there’s one thing we at San Diego Mobile Screen Service know it’s, well San Diego. As summer arrives, so does the heat. Retractable doors offer a perfect blend of elegance and function for maximum airflow and protection from insects.

Retractable Screen Door (Roll-Away™)

Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable screen doors use a similar technology in roll-up blinds, but work vertically (instead of horizontally). Retractable door screens are a great option that is discrete and allows you to enjoy the beauty of mountains from El Cajon and Spring Valley to the ocean breezes of Coronado and Solana Beach. They’re nearly invisible and they when not needed.

We exclusively recommend Roll-Away™ retractable screen doors as the industry leader in quality and warranty.


Retractable Screen Door (Roll-Away™)


  • Magnetic latch styles make closing simple but effective.

  • Low profile architecturally designed housing frame blends with existing doors.

  • All frame components are made with thermal setting polyester enamel finish.

  • Magnetic smooth gliding adjustable roller guides lock in place & will not come out.

  • Self-latching mechanism prevents
    accidental closing.

  • Specially formulated fiberglass screen ensures full ventilation without tearing or sagging.

Retractable Screen Door (Roll-Away™)


  • Apply a decal to the mesh at eye height to help keep the screen more visible and prevent the screen door from being accidentally walked into when in use. Leave this decal in place until your family becomes used to the screen.

  • Introduce your pets to the screen door and train them to respect it, as you would any other household fixture.

  • Retract the screen door into its housing when not in use. This will keep the screen from being damaged from the elements and help keep it clean.

  • Regularly clean the bottom screen door track of debris, small stones and pet hair.

  • Annually clean tracks, housing
    and screen mesh with warm soapy
    water, and dry with a clean soft cloth

  • Following the annual screen door
    cleaning, lubricate the tracks with a
    good quality silicone spray lubricant.

  • In particularly high traffic or dusty
    areas, cleaning and lubrication will
    be needed more frequently.